The beliefs of buyers in the real-estate industry have been drastically changed throughout the years. All they require are eco-friendly or environmental properties with essential facilities blue world city Islamabad location map. Some of the environment friendly attributes include:

Renewable energy sources for energy
The present trend in the market is a demand for eco-friendly buildings. The use of solar energy in water heating devices, air conditioners and inverters will attract a lot of buyers. This kind of energy sources can help reduce their E-bills.

Rainwater collection systems
Rainwater harvesting is a reliable method to store rainwater for home usage. By using this method in our house, a significant amount of water shortage can be decreased.

Furniture made of wood is a good choice.
Many consumers are now considering natural materials like wood and bamboo for interior furniture. Plywood made of chipped wood and window treatments including bamboo shades, are a few of the designs made of organic materials that are evolving in the green realm. Wooden furniture can add the warmth and richness of and elegance to the home space.

Natural landscaping
It is one of the important factors for the green real estate property. Properties with indigenous plants and trees that grow within the vicinity are very sought-after by buyers. A home, with artificial grass lawns requires a lot of water to supply whereas native plants and trees require only periodic rain to grow. A large amount of water is saved with the help of natural trees and plants.

Eco-friendly interior insulations
Interior insulation in home is vital as it impacts the room temperature. It is recommended to use eco-friendly insulations that include wooden chips, cotton small pieces of rocks and stones, newspapers, and cellulose insulation will help reduce noise and green house gas emission. Natural insulations have a low embodied energy and are fully disposable/recyclable at the end of their life.

Because of the rising demand for green real estate, numerous companies have begun to advertise the properties they sell as green homes. The buyers are increasingly interested in energy-efficient property systems and products. Numerous financial institutions as well as private sector companies are investing massive sums of money into green real estate predicting the demand for it in the near future. According to policies set by the government those who invest in this industry pay less taxes compared to commercial sector investing. Green building is becoming increasingly popular and construction of green buildings has been a great challenge in future. Green buildings are opening new opportunities in the industry and increases the potential of the architects, environmentalists , and suppliers.