Abu Dhabi is the largest and second-most densely populated city in the United Arab Emirates, a major center for culture and commerce, while being home to multiple local, private, and international schools and colleges. Many new schools and colleges have opened up in the city over the past decade. 

Abu Dhabi schools have proven to improve the literacy rate in the city since 2016. Quite a lot of attention has been given to primary education. Measures have also been taken by The Ministry of Education to improve the education system. Recently, they designed an education plan that introduced advanced education techniques. These new techniques enable the children to improve their self-learning skills. 

Education in Abu Dhabi

Many schools from all over the world have opened up in the city of Abu Dhabi, that provide children with an education that enables them to develop and excel in their desired fields of interests. Children are encouraged to learn and study at their own pace in a multicultural environment in these Abu Dhabi schools. Such approach to education also prepares children for future challenges and develops a strong personality. 

Abu Dhabi secondary schools like Global Indian International School and The British International School are the top two schools that have made a mark for themselves in the education sector by providing world-class education. 

The British International School Abu Dhabi

The British International School Abu Dhabi offers students an outstanding learning opportunity, with multiple programs to choose from. Performing arts and extracurricular activities are given equal importance in their syllabus. This school allows the students to aim for excellence at their own pace, with ample emphasis on community learning.

Global Indian International School

Global Indian International School, is one of the most renowned Abu Dhabi secondary schools. This school gives importance to value-based learning. GIIS is an award-winning school that has time and again proved efficiency of its pedagogy. It provides its students with infinite possibilities that help them explore their passion by indulging in extra curricular activities. 

Choosing the best school for your child is a major decision that every parent has to make. Do not let the process intimidate you and just ensure that you do your research properly. You can take feedback from other parents and weigh the pros and cons of every school before making an informed decision.