One of the points that several Madden fans talked about the day before Brady's departure is how long he's been playing. Brady's playing time lasted for 22 years in total and he's been part of Madden 22 coins the game since Madden 2001. In actuality, Brady remains the last active NFL player to play in a Madden game released on a cartridge.

Others brought up how amazing Brady's career in Madden has been, much like his own career. When Brady first made an appearance playing the online game Brady was given a pathetic 51 overall. Since that time Brady has since gone on grace his cover in two different Madden editions, and has seen his ranking climb all the way to an overall rating of 99. In fact, Brady's latest feature on the cover Madden was this past season in Madden NFL 22. If this is the last season for him in some ways, Brady will definitely come out in the top position.

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(NEXSTAR) - A sealed replica of 1990's Sega Genesis game "John Madden Football" has been sold for record-breaking prices, proving once again that the coaching and broadcasting legend could be mut 22 coins cheap the godfather of sports video games.