New Jordans Release 2021 The texture is bursting! The new color Nike Blazer Mid official image is exposed! Nike Blazer Shoes, as Nike's long-established series of shoes, have won a lot of fans with their rich color schemes and many blockbuster joint names. Recently, a brand new color Nike Blazer Mid official image was exposed. The vamp is made of long suede with a very obvious texture, and the vamp with dark and light brown stitching brings a rich layering. The orange leather Swoosh on the side of the shoe is embellished with purple details, which is full of eye-catching effect. The midsole adopts a light gray color scheme, which completes the design of the entire pair of shoes. At present, this brand new color Nike Blazer Mid is on sale online, and interested friends missed it without medicine. New Nike Blazer Mid Shaggy Suede, Item No.: DM7581-200
Golden hook shoelace buckle! The new color matching Blazer Mid official image is exposed! The official image of this Nike Blazer named "First Use" is exposed! The upper is mainly made of white leather, with beige suede, the overall is fresh and versatile. The outer side of the shoe is a green hollow embroidered Swoosh, and the inner side is a blue leather Swoosh. The two-color Logo body is very rich in layers. There is also the words "First use June 18, 1971" next to it to commemorate the birth of the Swoosh Logo. The shoelace buckle adopts the golden Swoosh shape, which is very eye-catching! At present, this brand new Nike Blazer Mid 77 "First Use" is expected to be on sale on June 18th. The price is $89. Interested friends may wish to pay more attention to it. We will continue to pay attention and bring it as soon as possible. For follow-up reports. Nike Blazer Mid 77 "First Use", item number: DH6757-001
Broken hook design! The shoe body is made of suede, canvas, lychee leather and other materials. The green shoe body of different shades gives a gradual effect. The yellow Swoosh Logo also uses different materials and uses the design language of broken hooks. The midsole also uses a deconstructed design language to echo the body of the shoe. The various materials of the whole pair of shoes are superimposed to bring a rich sense of layering. Currently, this Nike SB Blazer Mid "Mosaic" is on sale. If you are interested, please click on the link to enter the store to purchase. Nike SB Blazer Mid “Mosaic” Green Yellow DA8854-300