Concrete today is so widely used around the world. Water is the only resource that is used more than even concrete. And it is not new either. It has been used for many years now. The Romans were the earliest known users of concrete. They used, albeit a different mix, concrete to create various structures, homes, vaults and even pathways. Most of which are intact even today. Out of these, one of the most popular Roman structures is the dome of the Pantheon temple. It was built entirely with concrete and is a structure that is an architectural marvel even today. Though it cannot be said that the Volumetric Concrete mix was the same, it was not all that different either. If anything, only one ingredient was different. 

Traditional And Modern Concrete

The common ingredients of a standard mix of concrete are sand, cement, coarse aggregate and water. These can be added in varying amounts and coarse aggregate is usually stone, rock or gravel that is crushed. The concrete that was used by the Romans used volcanic ash in place of cement, while the other ingredients were just the same as modern concrete. All of these ingredients are those that can be easily found no matter where in the world you are located. This is one of the major reasons why concrete is so easily available and used around the world. But then again, there are so many ways of using concrete within constructions. And using Volumetric Concrete is one way to meet all of these needs. 

What Is Volumetric Concrete?

Volumetric concrete is a type of concrete delivery method. It is a highly beneficial method that can be useful for any type of construction. But before looking at the reasons why it should be your next choice for construction, let us see exactly what it is. 

  • Volumetric Concrete is a specialized truck. This truck has multiple compartments that are used to transport the various ingredients of concrete mixes such as sand, coarse aggregate, cement and water. 
  • It can also be tweaked to hold admixtures and such extra ingredients where it is often used. 
  • This truck not only carries the components of concrete mix, but it also can mix them inside of it. The mix can be controlled through a panel located at the back of the truck. 
  • In essence, it acts like a batch plant mounted on a truck. As such, it can provide perfectly mixed concrete as prepared at batch plants. 
  • Volumetric Concrete trucks can mix as much or as little concrete as needed. The measurement and addition of each component can be controlled precisely. 
  • These trucks usually also come attached with a concrete pump.

Benefits Of Volumetric Concrete

Now it will be clear why it is the best option to meet all concrete requirements.

  • It allows for special concrete mixes with admixtures to be mixed at ease without time limitations as it can be mixed on-site. 
  • The hardening or premature setting of admixture concrete such as early high strength etc is not an issue with these trucks. 
  • This allows for mixing as much or as little concrete as is required, consequently reducing the wastage of concrete at construction sites. 
  • Volumetric Concrete eases the delivery of concrete around the site. It can be pumped anywhere within the site as needed.