The other versions that are available, including those for PC are expected to feature an enthralling and fascinating environment NBA 2K Coins: the neighborhood of past seasons becomes a huge theme cruise, the Cancha del Mar, much more modest in size and possibilities, but with an appeal of its own: not just does it provide us with an original environment as well, but it also provides a more playful tone to the player.

Another time, MI NBA captures the essence of the excitement for basketball. It also takes the NBA and extends it to the professional leagues. This means that in addition to the stories is woven as we move forward it is possible to be being immersed in the atmosphere of basketball. Surrounded by brands and all kinds of events which encourage us to play games on urban fields and release our shoes, or just enjoy the content and events offered.

Logically, in addition to the narrative itself, NBA 2K22 ties everything with a well-crafted progress system that offers exciting new things to do offline and online, including themed Fridays as well as the regular events. Constantly inviting us to experiment in the realm of what the city or it's Cancha del Mar can offer us, unlock rewards and, as a result leaving game currency in our character specially designed for the occasion.

Another pillar of NBA 2K22 is the opposite experience: the MyTEAM franchise model, the bold stage of NBA collectible cards , where you can build your own Dream Team and, in the process, speculate wildly in the company of the top. players of yesterday and today 2K22 MT Buy. In particular, this year is the first year that a new type of chart with holographic technology has been launched.