Color-changing metal dress up! New Jordans Release 2021 The new AJ1 Low official image is exposed! As the summer approaches, many trendy people have begun to prepare for summer wear. Among them, the bright color matching and low-top shoes are definitely good choices.
Recently, a brand new New Jordan 1 UK official image was exposed! The upper is made of black and white leather stitching, which is full of retro effect. The side of the shoe is made of color-changing metal material, and the eye-catching shape is very eye-catching. The Air Jordan 1 Low sneaker draws design inspiration from the first year model released in 1985, with a simple and elegant classic appearance, with a touch of novelty in familiarity. Classic design, specially crafted for casual daily activities. AIR JORDAN 1 LOW perfectly integrates top craftsmanship with brand-new technology. Its powerful functions help you easily deal with all fierce battles and detonate hot energy at any time. AIR JORDAN 1 LOW is equipped with a built-in AIR cushion. The soft touch makes the contact between your feet and the ground more natural and smooth, which can minimize the impact and reliably protect your feet.
People say that air jordan 1 low is a perfect combination of top craftsmanship and top design concepts. It always brings strong support and comfort to the footsteps, and is deeply loved by consumers. The new Air Jordan 1 Low GS “Metallic Gold” CV9844-109 is priced at $75 USD. Don't miss it if you like it!