If the player hinders or doubles their opponent's shooter at the appropriate time, it will significantly affect the opponent's shooting percentage or even force the opponent to shoot the AirBall. Similarly, if the player is defensively out of 2K22 MT place or does not have assistance behind the shooter, for instance, allow the opponent an unobstructed opportunity to shoot, it can make the opponent very easy to score.

It is worth noting it is an important aspect of the next generation of artificial intelligence. The ball-holding defense position system lets defenders be more precise in their understanding of their position, and improves the process of changing defenses/assist defences, and does not just randomly shift away from the frame. Players focus on defending dangerous zones.

This is accompanied by the improvement of defense and ball-holding. If you are defending the center underneath the basket or the shooter in pursuit of the perimeter, the player can clearly feel it's bigger than what they had previously experienced. An impression of pressure from defensive.

Dribbling has been the central element of every generation of 2K basketball games. The game "NBA 2K22" the "basic fancy dribble" as well as"signature fancy dribble "signature fancy dribble" are directly combined into one. The aim is to create exciting movements and dynamic use of luck.

This combination motion allows each player to Cheap NBA 2K22 MT have an unique feel and rhythm when dribbling the ball allowing players to fully control the combination of actions, especially the signature moves of many players like James Harden's constant Crossover Steph Curry's machine gun Players can direct the dribble and KD's hesitation step and Luka's Back and back dribble!