The console you're using, pressing Nba 2k22 Mt he square button for PS5 or the X button to Xbox users while holding the triggers for RT and R2 for each, let the player shoot for the dunk. Alternately, you could use the right stick to the hoop while pressing the trigger for RT or R2 to perform a dunk should you opt for that option.

The dunk meter in NBA 2K22 is a new addition to the game. It's similar to a shot meter as you need to be able to measure your dunk or layup within the green box of a player. The timing is crucial for dunks in NBA 2K22 since every finish requires the shot meter regardless of dunk, layup or alley-oop.

Green box size will vary. A higher dunk rating as well as the place of a player will result innn a higher probability of finishing the move. If an opponent is guarding the paint, it will likely result in a difficult to complete. The specialties and traits such as Lob City Finisher or Fearless Finisher give players a particular boost when trying to finish dunks at the rim.

The dunk rating and requirements will be based of the size and attribute list of the player. A player must possess at the very least an 84 inches driving dunk and 70 or higher in vertical ratings to be able to perform a professional alley-oop or contact dunk. Additionally, they should have at least a 92 inch standing dunk, and 80 or higher in their vertical ratings to get elite dunk packages, like poster dunks and 360-degree jams.

You must press an R2 or RT trigger, and cheap mt nba 2k22 then hold the right stick to the hoop as you run to complete the two-hand dunk. Two-hand dunks are one of the dunks that are easy to do within NBA 2K22.