Kids nowadays get more attracted to screen-based fun activities such as watching their favorite cartoon programs, playing video games, or others. These do not prove to be very beneficial or productive for them. Young minds tend to learn whatever they experience around them faster than adults. Therefore, parents should remain cautious regarding the content their children are imbibing.

Kids learn plenty of things while playing. Engaging them in brain development games not only distract the children from the technical gadgets but also accelerate their mental burgeoning. Many schools including the Abu Dhabi Indian schools, have reinforced ‘learning while playing’ techniques especially for the nursery and kindergarten students to enhance their innovative flair. This is often why the school fees are a bit high in some schools even for the younger grades.

Brain games suitable for young kids-

  1. Building blocks: Get your child blocks of different colours and shapes and engage them in erecting various things such as a house, animal, vehicle, or anything they wish to construct.
  2. Scavenger hunt: This is one of the interesting games that can be played indoors. Provide a list of items to your kid from all around the house or the backyard and ask them to collect those items in a basket and bring them back to you.
  3. Obstacles crossing: Build up obstacles using the household equipment in such a way that the kid has to undergo all sorts of physical exercises like jumping, hopping, crawling, climbing to pass through all the hurdles.

Brain games suitable for 6-12 years kids-

  1. Story narration: Narrate a brief story to the child and divulge him/her to formulate another story from the last line or word of the previous one. This sort of game also boosts the vocabulary stock of the child.
  2. Puzzles: Puzzles are one of the favorite pastimes for middle school geniuses. Unscrambling the small pieces of the puzzles and matching them with the desired picture enhance their cognitive development. Solving the crossword puzzles also uplift their word power.
  3. Arithmetic series: Provide simple mathematical series consisting of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division and encourage them to solve it verbally within a short stipulated time. Story-based mathematical calculations can also contribute to these kinds of games.

Brain games suitable for teenagers-

  1. Role-playing: Define a situation/condition to the child and ask to play the part of one of the characters in it to bring out a probable solution that would be appropriate for the given situation.
  2. Guessing games: Enact the character of any popular figure or performing a task like gardening or cutting vegetables and ask your child to guess the enactment.
  3. Brain teasers: Solving riddles, playing chess, etc, these kinds of games augment the mental workout of young adults. The difficulty level of these games can be regulated based on the child’s age and intellect.

The brain training pursuits assist in boosting a child’s hand-eye coordination, comprehension, spatial awareness, conceptual learning, lateral analytical thinking, creativity and imagination, problem-solving, linguistic improvement, and societal skills.