If you OSRS Items choose to do nothing then Wise old guy will look, scold you and attempt to stop the insanity before being removed. Guthix will appear before you and tell you to assist him. You must now fight both sardomin and zamorak but guthix is powerful and can help offensivey and healing. It still is a challenging batlle. Guthix will then erase everything and yu is going to wind up in a classic such as world and a person will use a cracker on you personally.

However before you can enjoy your party hat guthix will thank you and set everythnig to normal you'll arrive back in the ruined shrine together with all the guthix helm, which is very potent and strong and really helms rangers and mages accurcey. QUEST COMPLETE! Qp gained:4 benefits are above and a skill scrolol which will give 500k xp to whatever ability you desire. The twon wont be rebuit and will continue being a destroyed plane summoner. The Mogres set out to create a town there hoping that no god would visit them and take them all over.

The wall went a rough 6 feet above the water surface, which makes no sea animal hinder their business, not even whales, since they constructed the kingdom with all migration paths. The wall had a large door permitting the Mogres to descend farther to the Southern Sea. They utilized underwater vents to smelt the ores found under the waters, although they didn't succeed as much as furnaces. Eventually, Mogres had battle with others manners, so the mogres constructed walls around the surface to seperate the Kingdom into four regions: Lannar, Lu'tog, Narran and Yun'lar.

Inbetween all of the area was the palace in which the Mogre ruler dwelt. The palace was known as Tunotath. They took away the original door to enter and depart and gave each area a door. In order to keep Mogres from distinct regions than their own, they have 2007 RS Accounts been ordered to wear symbols of their area.