Money is one of the major factors that play a vital role in education, and due to financial constraints sometimes quality education is not accessed by the needy. Scholarships act as a stepping stone for students who may not have the means to pursue education and help them access education at lower cost - sometimes free. Scholarships encourage students to perform better in academics as well as extracurricular activities. 

A merit-based scholarship is given to students who are academically performing well or any accomplishment in extracurricular activities for instance sports, creative arts, visual performance, etc. It urges students to enhance their skills, work hard, and expand their knowledge. A merit-based scholarship provides opportunities to explore learning spaces and enhance their practical skills. Scholarships generally cover all the educational expenses and that is the biggest support for a parent who is under pressure due to finances.

Zayed Gandhi is one of the best merit based scholarships, applicable for nursery, kindergarten to grade 10 students in Abu Dhabi. This scholarship is for a 2-years tenure and can be renewed further according to the student's performance. Under this scholarship, two curricula are available i.e., GMP (Global Montessori Plus) and CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education). For the Zayed Gandhi scholarship financial proof of family is important and gross family income should be below 10000-15000 AED. This scholarship is mainly for the weaker section who are unable to continue their studies and fulfill their educational goals due to financial constraints. Zayed Gandhi is considered the best scholarship for the family who is under pressure and facing trouble in fulfilling their children's education. 

Suggestions for securing merit-based scholarships:

  • Plan for scholarships as early as possible
  • Do deep research before applying for scholarships
  • Apply for the scholarship which is suitable according to your requirements
  • Always have a professional email address and keep checking your email regularly for regular updates
  • Before applying, make sure you go through all the eligibility criteria.
  • While applying for scholarships, you must keep all of your documents, certificates, and ID proofs handy.
  • You must have the statement of purpose and it should be written in an instructed way.
  • Before you apply, please collect a letter of recommendation at least two from your school teachers.
  • Carefully read all the terms and conditions, before proceeding with the application
  • Always carefully follow the instructions for filling out the application
  • Proofread carefully your application and ask your parents or anyone else also to proofread your application
  • Complete your application form and submit it before the deadline.

Recently, I have come across Global Indian International School which is based in Abu Dhabi, which offers a Zayed Gandhi Merit-cum-Means scholarship. This scholarship is primarily for the children who are unable to access education due to financial constraints and therefore, helps students in getting admission to the school. Even kids who belong to the economically weaker section also have the right to get an education and hence, this scholarship fulfills all educational needs of the students.

For more information about  Zayed-Gandhi-Merit-cum-Means Scholarship at GIIS, Dubai.