Everyone in the world desires a dazzling white smile. Cosmetic Teeth Whitening is one of the dental procedures that has been popular among people due to its successful results. According to statistics  $2 billion around the world use this method to keep their smile bright and shiny.


People who are fond of drinking coffee, smoking cigarettes are prone to have stained teeth eventually. Moreover, aging is also a major factor of stained teeth due to the consumption of certain medicines like tetracycline. If you are wishing to have an attractive smile, there are various kinds of options available to help you in this aspect. The only thing you have to do is to choose the best Teeth Whitening Dentist Near Me to achieve your goal.


How does Teeth Whitening Work?


Teeth Whitening Houston Tx is referred to any procedure that makes your teeth whiter and shiner. The most common ways used to complete this procedure are bleaching and non-bleaching products to accomplish your desired goals. A whitening product simply helps remove food or debris from the teeth without bleach whereas bleaching can only be used when a product contains bleaching agents.


Usually, bleaching products involve hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide and these products eliminate stains from teeth surface and deep as well. They make teeth lighter returning to their original shade.


What’s in Bleaching Products?


Tooth whiteners generally contain peroxide as their active ingredient. You can find them at Houston Tx Teeth Whitening easily. Hydrogen peroxide is the main bleaching agent whereas carbamide peroxide splits into hydrogen peroxide.


The bleaching products are easily available at Dental Office Houston are more strong compared to those purchased over the counter. Whitener products utilized by the Best Dentist In Houston may contain thirty-five to forty-five percent peroxide whereas whitening kits bought from the stores only have seven percent peroxide. The common ingredients found in both types of whitening products are glycerin, carbopol, sodium hydroxide, and flavorings.


Teeth Whitening Dentist Houston may recommend bleaching your teeth when you consult him/her for the first time. When you Walk-In Dentist Office Near Me, may find the best whitening options to avoid further complications.


Professional Teeth Whitening Houston:


This can be performed in a dentist’s office in around one hour. This method includes a whitening gel having a hydrogen peroxide amount of between twenty-five to forty percent. Professionals use a special heating lamp after applying whitening gel over the surface of the teeth for three twenty-minute intervals repeatedly. Some dentists may use a laser technique that accelerates the whitening process effectively. Usually, dentists employ a barrier to protect your lips, gums, and tongue away from the whitening gel. Your dentist will provide you whitening trays so that you can follow up at home with bleaching solutions.


An expert tooth brightening treatment may cost around $500 for the light treatment, or $300 to $400 for the specially designed plate alone


Whitening At Home:


There are over counter whitening kits are available and are very popular as they are inexpensive and easy to use. They have lower amounts of peroxide than the whitening products used at the dentist’s office. Most people have good results, however, it may take more time. OTC whitening kits and products contain whitening trays, strips, rinses, and toothpaste. The prices may range between $25 to $100.


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