The heart contains four valves that usually let blood flow in one direction. This valve is responsible for letting the blood full of nutrients go through the heart chambers. Every valve is expected to close after the blood flow. The heart valve that works improperly is not always able to close the way it should. The leaky valve, rather than tightly closing, might stay open to let the blood go backward. The condition is called regurgitation.  

It gives rise to conditions like lightheadedness, shortness of breath, chest pain, fatigue, and dizziness. Thus, heart valve replacement surgery is the only option for patients having a leaky heart valve. It is a condition that might occur from rheumatic fever, infections, age-related changes, overall health, and so on. A total replacement by the best heart valve surgeons in India becomes imperative in some cases. 

Types of Valve Replacement Surgery 

The valve utilized for the replacement is an artificial component that works the same way as the natural heart valve. This artificial valve lasts for ten to twenty years, and doctors recommend this surgery based on age, overall health, the ability of patients to take anticoagulants, and the disease’ extent. 

Aortic Valve Replacement:  

The aortic valve is on the left side of the heart and acts as the outflow valve. With the replacement surgery of the aortic valve, the survival rate reaches 94 percent for five years. 

Mitral Valve Replacement:  

The mitral valve acts as the inflow valve. Surgery is the only option if the valve does not completely close or open. With this surgery, there is a 91% survival chance for the next five years. 

Pulmonary Valve Replacement:  

The pulmonary valve carries blood to the lungs. During the replacement, it has to be replaced with stenosis that restricts blood flow caused by the infection, carcinoid syndrome, and congenital defects. 

The best heart valve surgeons in India performing the surgery 

The good news is that many top surgeons in the country perform heart valve replacement surgery and have a high success rate. Let us list out the names of the top seven surgeons you can get in touch with in this regard. 

  • Dr. Ganesh Kumar Mani 
  • Dr. Mohammad Mubeen 
  • Dr. Subhash Kumar Sinha 
  • Dr. Rahul Chandola 
  • Dr. Pramod Kumar Sharma 
  • Dr. Madhav Rao Shinde 
  • Dr. Ratna Mallik 

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The endnote 

So, these are the names of the most experienced surgeons in this field. You can go ahead and book your appointment with them to know more about your heart health.