The 1Inch Exchange Clone Script is the DeFi-based Decentralized Exchange Script that yields liquidity aggregations and executes possible trading rates that operate similar to 1Inch. 


DEX Aggregators like the 1 Inch platform can offer users a more beneficial trading experience. Zodeak’s 1 inch Clone script is a fully-fledged Decentralized Finance DEX aggregator script with flawless security features that operate on the BSC network. 


With the help of our 1Inch Exchange Clone Script, users can make limit orders for free and earn earnings by lending Cryptocurrency. Also, they can provide liquidity to liquidity pools. These platforms assist users or traders with the cost-effective and most affordable amount of slippage for the variety of ERC20 tokens. 


Major Supported wallets of 1inch Exchange Clone Script

  1. Metamask
  2. Walletlink
  3. Ledger
  4. Authereum
  5. WalletConnect
  6. Torus

Additional Perk at 1Inch Clone Script

>> Liquidity Pools

>> Governance

>> Farming


Want to Build your own DeFi DEX aggregator platform like 1Inch? Zodeak – the superior DeFi Development Company delivers an effective 1Inch Exchange Clone script that establishes the innovative tools and features offered by 1 Inch Exchange that can overcome the drawbacks of Exchange. Our Crypto Engineers have done an amazing job in addressing some of the critical issues that are devaluing the growth of the trading and Defi ecosystem.