There are a variety of models for the fees you pay transcription firms. These are the common models, but they are there are many other models. We examine the advantages and disadvantages of each. podcast transcription services

Fixed Price

Fixed-price transcription is typically making use of a combination of the following techniques; usually, customers submit the audio that needs to be transcribed . The transcription firm will offer an estimate that is only applicable to the work they quote on. The company will typically take the number of speakers, the quality of the audio, the quality of the recording, turnaround time and previous relations with the client and so on. into account when determining an average price for transcription, based on an agreed price.

You are aware of the exact amount the company that does audio transcription will charge for their transcription services. There are no hidden fees for transcription. Ideal for businesses with large numbers and businesses that have continuous transcription contract. You can be sure that the transcription service is able to complete the work prior to placing an order. You may be able to avail discounts on large volumes of audio. However, I have found that this isn't always the situation.

Negatives of fixed-price transcriptions

It is not ideal for speedy time turnaround of transcription because it takes time to get in touch with the company offering the transcription service and then for them to respond to you with a price. If you do contact them, I have found that certain companies do not respond and waste time. It can be very time-consuming to arrange. The majority of these companies do not have any automated processes, which means that customer feedback is typically slow. It is typical to pay more for audio transcription. Check the capabilities of the transcription company to take specific client needs into account.


In most instances, I'd advise against using this type of transcription service as you can get similar or even better results using different methods of transcription. One instance where I would recommend this method is when you require precise formatting standards or punctuation rules that must be met (as the other methods mentioned below usually do not include specific formatting that is included in the cost).

In each line of text typed

The term "per line" is usually described as: 1 line of transcription equals to 65 keystrokes. A typical company has an agreed price per keystroke with the transcriptionist , and you will be charged for these keystrokes. Although this method is commonly employed in the field of medical transcription Personally, I don't prefer the method of charging for transcription services since it's difficult for the person receiving the transcription done on their behalf to determine precisely how many keys or transcription lines are in their transcription order. Although some estimation is possible but you won't be aware of the amount you're paying until you receive your invoice! I consider this to be an unwise risk that doesn't have to be taken when there are numerous other transcription techniques available.

Positives of transcription services per line

A precise method of charging for work completed. Excellent for transcription businesses because customers don't have to take the risk. It is common to pay once the work is done and this can help clients and businesses in cash flow issues (keep funds in your bank to the maximum extent possible! ).

Negatives of fixed-price transcription services

The customer is at risk for the services rendered. There is no estimate of the cost of transcription until the work is completed. Since there was no payment for the transcription to begin, some firms may not be able to finish the audio even if it's very hard audio . Talk about the slack! That's why... poor for customer service especially.


In general, I recommend that this method of charging be not used, unless in the rare instances where there is a lot of audio with a only a small amount of talking. If you were priced at a per minute rate, you may be costed more. My experience has shown that companies capitalize on the uncertainty of clients by imposing complex per-line rates which are hard to understand. Be wary of hidden charges and ensure - If you're really interested in this way of charging, that you locate a company that you can trust.