EA is set to launch a new update for Madden NFL 21 which will address a different longstanding issue with Franchise mode, making player trades easier to comprehend and more realistic. Since its launch last year, the most recent variant in the NFL sim has been met with a mixed reception from critics and fans. Some have even called for the NFL to Mut 21 coins drop EA and put another firm responsible for video game adaptations due to a perceived lack of advancement in the series over the last few decades.

This isn't the first time that EA has published an update to enhance the Franchise mode in Madden 21. The developer has made a number of significant adjustments to the signature game mode after fan feedback and criticism. Many users felt like the newest setup not only failed to improve on its predecessors but that it was lacking significant features.

The last upgrade for Madden 21's Franchise mode is launch today, with EA detailing how it can simplify the player trade procedure and make it more straightforward for consumers. The main change arrives to the player-trading logic used within the sport. Previously, valuations for celebrities would be contingent upon how far up the depth chart they had been for their present team. However a change in the system will indicate they will be valued based on precious they will be for the squad they are being traded to. A similar modification has also been made so the value of players also takes into consideration their suitability for the schemes used by teams. All in all, EA says it hopes that these changes will create Madden 21"nearer to what we have seen [in real life] predicated on changing perceptions of'realistic' trades through recent years."

People who want to test out Madden 21 for the first time may be in luck this week. Microsoft and EA announced a few days back that Madden 21 would be coming to Xbox Game Pass from cheapest madden 21 coins March 3 through EA Play. The sport sim will be combined by Star Wars Squadrons and several other titles from EA's back catalogue, along with a host of other Xbox games over the coming weeks.