If You desire a bikini-worthy body, you can trust on a Brazilian buttocks augmentation. The Brazilian butt lift (BBL)  is one of the advanced methods to have gorgeous shapely buttocks. This method of Cosmetic Surgery Center has changed the lives of many people with bad or no shape to their buttocks. Genetics plays a role as well as age and muscle tone in the shape of the buttocks. By adding fat to your buttocks, can help literally reshape them to a very flattering and curvy end result. Men who like having a shapelier bottom can also do a buttock augmentation.




Brazilian butt-lift procedure:


Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery includes fat grafting to offer notable results that look very natural. The procedure is completed in the following steps mentioned below:


  • It is generally performed under anesthesia but if the procedure is smaller, it can be done under local anesthesia.  Sometimes, doctors recommend anti-nausea medication before the procedure if you feel sick of anesthesia.


  • In the next step of bbl surgery, your surgeon uses liposuction for the elimination of extra fat deposited in other areas of your body. Houston Liposuction itself includes the process of making cuts in the skin and removal of fat from the body with the help of a tube.


  • The eliminated fat is stored and purified and readied for transferring into your buttocks through the injection.


  • The process is finished by delivering the processed fat into certain areas of the buttocks to offer a natural round shape. The surgeon team makes a minimum of three to five cuts around the buttocks for transferring fats.


  • Both the process i.e liposuction and fat transfer incisions are sealed off with stitches. After that, the surgeon applies a compression garment against the affected areas of the skin to reduce the risk of bleeding.


There are many reasons why this procedure is gaining so much popularity. The female body has a beautiful and curvaceous look to it. The female has been idealized throughout history and always possesses the same qualities which include a small waist and well-shaped buttocks.




Steps Taken Before The procedure:


The procedure for a Brazilian butt lift is safe. Before the doctor performs the operation, the doctor will check the history of the patient. Several precautions are also given before the surgery. These precautionary measures are needed to have faster healing and recovery after the operation. The doctor who will conduct the surgery will analyze the preferences of the patient. For example, some women will want larger buttocks while some will prefer a smaller end result. However, the doctor demands all the necessary details before doing the procedure. This is where adequate communication between doctor and patient is very necessary.


After procedure:


After performing the procedure, the body will become curvier and the person will feel a lot more confident. In addition, women can also wear a bikini that will look good on them because of their new beautiful body shape. The Brazilian butt lift will not only give the woman the body preference she likes but will make her feel more satisfied as she feels better about herself. Any person going through this procedure must be sure to follow the doctor's aftercare instructions. This involves implementing a healthy diet and lifestyle to achieve and maintain the best final results.



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