Lufthansa Airlines stepped into the travel business in 1953. The airline is based and headquartered in Cologne, Germany and all its main operations take place here itself. Today, the airline flies millions of its passengers to over 220 destinations worldwide. Lufthansa is loved by so many people because of its amazing in-flight and airport services. 

You can also experience the services of Lufthansa by planning your next vacation with them. Get your Lufthansa Booking online or head out to the reservation desk of its nearest office. However, making a reservation online is the simplest and fastest way of getting a flight ticket. 


We are here to tell you the steps you need to follow to get the e-ticket with Lufthansa. Let’s dive into it. 

Make Lufthansa Booking Online

Lufthansa Airlines starts welcoming reservations 330 days before the departure date of the flight. If you are also planning to take a trip with the airline, just go ahead with the steps mentioned below to grab the cheapest Lufthansa Booking. 


  • Open the website of the airline on your browser or get the app from the play store. The same steps work for both. 
  • Once you are on the homepage, head to the top left corner to book a flight option. 
  • There, enter your travel details in the given space. You will need your date and place, arrival location and date, and the number of people you want bookings for. 
  • Now, click on the find flights button and you will find all the flights available for your travel plan on the following page. 
  • Go ahead and check out the details of each flight and get yourself a seat on the most preferred one. 
  • On the subsequent page, you can purchase the seat you want to fly in and add baggage if you are sure how many bags you are going to carry. 
  • You can skip these for now and avail of these charged services at the time of check-in. 
  • Lastly, move ahead to the payment page and clear your bills. 
  • The airline will process your money and then send a confirmation email. 

If you are still struggling with the Lufthansa booking process and need some assistance, you can connect to the customer service team of the airline and a live representative will help you.

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