Co-op Voyage Missions are available many times throughout the day. You will earn Gateway keys in the missions. They can later used to Lost Ark Gold exchange for items. Daily Chaos Dungeons, Guardian Raids. Lost Ark Chaos Dungeon Combat

They're a vital component of your game plan. You must ensure that you are making the most effective materials available. You'll have enough energy run the two Chaos Dungeons a day with max rewards, although you are able to run the Dungeons as many times as you like. Guardian Raids can also be scheduled twice daily to get maximum rewards. Make sure to only harvest your Guardian Soul from the highest-level Raid available. You get two harvests per day.

Find our Chaos Dungeon guide here and our Guardian Raid guide here. The two games Trade Skills and Rapport have daily timers. Trade Skill energy is reset every day which means you can make the most of your potential earnings by using all 10k energy to trim trees or mine ore. This is quite a bit of energy, though it's not recommended to doing nothing but mining copper ore, it's best not to use all of it, particularly in the beginning of endgame content.

Rapport can also be reset every day. It is possible to use emotes and songs up to 5 times a day for various characters in the globe. It is a good idea to focus on the characters you like and maybe even a place in which you have an Bi Frost for daily tasks or quests.

Other Daily Activities Checklist. Make a donation of 6,000 dollars to your Guild. This will unlock Symael Bloodstones that can be exchanged for crafting mats when your guild is able to increase the Bloodstone shop. Repeat tasks on the other characters if you have them. Go through Lost Ark Boosting the Knowledge Transfer and Power Pass guide on how to boost your alts' levels quickly.