If you're planning to stay there a good amount of time , and to be able to AFK Guthan's armor would be a excellent choice. The particular effect of the complete set makes it much easier to RuneScape Gold AFK there without dying , and the stats of Guthans armor are pretty decent as well.

The only disadvantage is that the armor (along with ever other Barrows armor) is degradable. Do you think that this is primarily used for defensive training? I'll think about it when I get back, but does anyone have any recommendations for strengthening? Have u thought on taking armor and after you've lost your health recuperate and place another amour in place if so i recomend just some muscles and legs, or something else.

That means that not looking at your computer screen or working while fleshies are agg... isn't AFKing... as long as it's longer than 5 minutes. If you're in front of your computer, you're fine. If you decide to go away to complete your homework isn't.

It doesn't even matter. To be frankly honest in light of the fact that they autolog your account even when you're fighting at, say giant spiders, bandits and any other training spots, I don't think anyone has gotten banned - or even possible to ban someone due to playing AFK's. It's not as if Jagex has a camera of you as you play. But, yes, if you move away then yes technically you're AFK but watching youtube while fishing, or even doing your homework when fishing is fine.

Thanks! This is the kind of answer I was hoping for. What I have learned:If I am still in the room then it's okay. If I leave just for a second to go to the bathroom or something that is fine. If I do not leave for an extended period, it isn't alright. It's fine as long as you aren't banned, but it's still technically banned. In light of how difficult it is to prove I'm pretty sure Jagex isn't able to tell if you were surfing forums or what the reason isn't important.

If I'm using the PC, it's okay? It's all fine. There is no reason to Cheap RS 2007 Gold ban you for AFK training. The whole concept seems absurd to me. They're basically trying to force you to be playing Runescape as much as possible. You aren't using robots when you AFK train So what's the difference.