The Ice cube machine is majorly used in restaurants, bars, hotels, etc. to improve productivity and efficiency. Often businesses find it difficult to select the best option due to the availability of various shapes, sizes, production speed, etc. The two major designs or technologies that are frequently contemplated is air-cooled ice cube machine and water-cooled machines. What are these, and what do you need to choose? Let's find out:

Air-cooled ice cube machine: The air-cooled ice cube machine uses air surrounding the machine to provide a cooling temperature for the inside material before expelling the air back out. These machines are affordable and easy to install. However, they require a certain environment to work effectively, like they need 70° temperature in the environment. Moreover, the air-cooled machine produces heat in the atmosphere.

Water-cooled ice cube machine: water-cooled machine, as the name suggests, needs water to provide cooling to the temperature. The ice cube machine is quieter and more efficient than air-cooled. They require water temperature around 50 degrees to work effectively. These water-cooled machines require water to produce certain ice cubes, and excess water is drained out. These machines are costly compared to air-cooled machines as they are more efficient and can be used in any environment, unlike air-cooled machines.

Depending on your business requirement and environment, you can choose an ice cube machine based on these designs or technology. Consider your environment and select machines for various shapes, sizes, and production.