It's a mess, because my old account that had all the money was opened after the 25k limit on trades was reinstated. What's the OSRS GP most effective way to earn tons of money? (preferably members who are willing to try something different) I'm planning to master this skill up to 99 and earning as much money as I can from it prior to beginning to learn. (please provide the top three choices should you be able to)

What's the best pk'ing pure? I'm aware that range/2h'ers can't be beat in f2p. But how do you do with P2P? this is an account that has absolutely everything it requires, with no restrictions on money.

I'm sure I'll ask more concerns, but this will suffice for starting. If anyone is interested in pictures of how I received the free membership I screen-shotted it and the desktop is still there. Not sure why I got it, maybe it was an opportunity to test something they're offering in the future?

What is worth it? D-chain or berserker ring? What's more effective? SS as above, or a fury? Barrows: If I am doing black sallies, then for Karil/Ahrim, which one should I wear? If a ss comes with the same stats as whips, then why is it suitable to slay? It's like having no shield with it? Are you sure that the ss is special? Which one is better? SS or Brackish using DDef? How long would a d-def take to get? How long would fighter's toros require to be able to purchase?

Are the barrows exclusive only able to function if you have the entire set? Is there anything you would consider worthwhile and is enjoyable? To kill slayers, I've heard that the Cannon is able to attack, and you are also able to attack. Should I carry one with me to every job? What does my inv. appear like when I Slayer? What would my inv./gear appear to be for barrers (Black sallies) What should I do about it? It is better to range than melee Ahrims/Karils? Do you havea guide for sallies? What exactly should I do to prepare them? Should I trade my claws to make money or gear? If I'm planning to kill green dragons (or green dragon bots)... what's the best way?

What are the best things I can hybridize with in an appropriate minigame? White FFA... Any good combos? W/o ancients. Just want to play. I'm able to create the rift bot's skull, but cheap RS gold what happens to the more powerful bots? Do I summon anything at the level 15 summoning level for slay tasks?