It is difficult and time-consuming to take care of your hair, especially when you have an oily scalp. People with oily scalp need to wash their hair more often than people with dry scalp.
Also, oily scalp gets dirty very easily. This is because all the dirt is glued to the scalp. Therefore, it has become common for people with oily scalp to wash their hair more often.
Moreover, the situation becomes worse during summer. The oily scalp needs cleaning almost every day. But, washing hair every day has its cons. It can strip the natural hair oil and leave them freezy and dry. Several hair problems like dandruff, hair thinning, etc., can also result from washing hair every day. 
But, we have the solution to all your problems today. This article will tell you the best shampoos for oily hair which work as a shield and protect your hair all day long. Also, these shampoos are rich in nutrients that will gently clean the scalp and remove all the extra oil.
Let’s take a look and choose the best shampoo for you from the list given below:

Neutrogena Shampoo:

Neutrogena shampoo is popular to clean the oily scalp. Its anti residue shampoo is very effective on oily scalp. It mildly exfoliates the scalp and makes sure that all the excess oil is out. Also, it has a very refreshing aroma of grapefruit that will lighten up your mood.

Schwarzkopf professional Shampoo:

 Schwarzkopf is a professional choice shampoo with the ability to boost hair volume. This Professionally recommended shampoo eliminates the excess oils and helps strengthen the hair quality. Also, it gives your hair natural shine and bounce and cleans your skin simultaneously.

Herbal essences Hair shampoo:

This herbal shampoo is best to cleanse your oily scalp. It contains several natural ingredients that work mildly on your scalp. Also, it repairs your damaged hair and provides volume and shine. This herbal shampoo is for those who prefer natural ingredients over chemicals.

Ever tried the switch-fix shampoo bar?

You might not have heard about this shampoo bar. It looks like a block of soap and has anti-oxidant properties. People with oily scalp may apply this bar directly on the scalp. This plan-based bar is known to clean the oily scalp just in one wash. Don’t believe me? You may try it yourself!

L’Oreal Paris: Clay Shampoo

L’Oreal is one popular brand that promises to keep your hair safe and beautiful. Its clay-based shampoo is very effective on the oily scalp. The clay extract present in the shampoo provides a protective layer to your hair, especially when you are exposed to sunlight. That is why this shampoo is the best choice for oily scalp. 

WOW Shampoo:

WOW has become one of the popular hair shampoo brands. It not only guards your hair but also brings back its lost health and quality. Its Apple cider vinegar shampoo cleans the oily scalp and provides a soft and creamy texture. Also, it detoxifies and removes all the excess oil from the hair, keeping them healthy and thick.
You may try any of the shampoos you feel are suitable for your hair. However, it is advised to first try before buying the shampoo. The other person doesn't need to have the same hair texture as you. It is not necessary that What suits you will also suit the other person. Thus, please buy the small sachets for trial purposes before investing in the bottle. 
Thank you and take care!