If you are madly in love of boxing, this article is surely for you. Dive into the reading and know about the best boxers of all time

When it comes to sports, everybody has different preferences. Most of us are crazy about cricket. However, boxing pleased some of us the most. When we talk about the ring, boxing fans usually imagine boxers' rings. Many great boxers aced the ring like no other. And, all of them are different from each other in terms of their fighting skills. 

Boxing has given many greats over the period, whether in middleweight, lightweight, heavyweight, or welterweight. The greats have the ability to knock out on land from first till last minute. 


The top 5 below are the bonafide history makers!


#1 Sugar Ray Robinson

All-time greatest fighter Sugar Ray Robinson was ranked 7th rank in lightweight in 1941 for his first ring. And for his last ring, he ranked 8th in middleweight in 1962. Ray's results showed how dominant Robinson is in the ring. He started his career in October 1940, and in 1941, he was at number 1 contender in lightweight after beating Sammy Angott.


#2 Muhammad Ali

He is one of the most popular USA boxers. Muhammad Ali is the heavyweight champion and Olympic gold medalist. He won 56 matches out of 61. He refused to fight for the Vietnam war, which resulted in his temporary banishment from boxing.


#3 Iron Mike Tyson

 "Baddest Man On The Planet " Tyson is the most feared boxer in boxing history. He was sent down for rape and disqualified when he bit his opponent's ear. Tyson won 50 matches out of 58, and 44 came as a knockout. In total, he lost only 6 fights. He is also popular for controversial deeds in the ring. His contentious act also followed him outside the ring. 


#4 Joe Louis

Joe Louis is popularly known as "Brown Bomber." This name famously knows Tyson. He was greatest and one of the most popular boxers of any generation. He created history by holding the Heavyweight title for 11 years, and also he was a part of 27 championships of heavyweight. He won 69 fights out of 72. Out of 69 matches, he won 55 by knockout. He was beaten only thrice in his whole career.


#5 Roberto Duran

Duran is popularly known as Hands Of Stones. And one of the most powerful boxers of all time. In history, he was the second bonafide boxer who fought for five decades. In 2002, he retired in his 50s. He possesses 4 world titles for different weights: lightweight, junior middleweight, welterweight, and middleweight. He won 103 fights out of 119. Of the 70, by knocking out the opponent. In his career, he only lost 16 fights in total. 


 I hope you find the article engaging. This article is a brief introduction of the top 5 best boxers of all time who made history in their life. Most of us are aware of them. Fans watched the WWE of their favorite fighters and followed them on social media. To know more about these boxers, stay connected with us!!