A voicemail is an extremely efficient method that can help you take care of your missed calls. Voicemail is a fairly old method that helps one take a message from all the missed calls. However, in the new age of smartphones, people are not aware of it. Moreover, not many users know how to activate or set up voicemail on their smartphones. By activating such a facility on your iPhone or Android phone, you can solve big issues of missed calls.
Here, we are going to share/disclose a simple method through which you can set up voicemail on your iPhone easily and efficiently. Let us check out How to set up voicemail on iPhone.
1. Need of the phone app
The first and foremost thing that you will require in order to run a smooth voicemail on your iPhone is the phone app. You can get the phone app from the app store easily.
2. App Activation
Once the phone app is stored, Open it up and then tap on the voicemail app with that on the lower end of the screen.
3- Automated voicemail setup
Here, the motive is to set up an automated voicemail on your iPhone so that every time you miss a call, it goes directly on the voicemail that you can listen to or check out later at your own convenience.
4- Fill Up the details and register
Now, follow through with the easy directions and register your details.
5- Set up Voicemail
Now, once all of this is done, it is time to the official set up the voicemail on your iPhone. Once you have followed through with all these steps, you may no longer find a set up now button on the app home screen. This is a clear indication that your app has been set up successfully. Now all left you need to do is arrange a strong password for it, and it's done!
 What About the Greeting Message?
After this, it is time to fix a pre-recorded message. This is the pre-recorded message that you, the caller, will hear once you fail to receive their call. This message will inform the caller that you cannot attend the call at that particular moment, but they can leave a message in the voicemail that will start recording after the beep.
For this, tap the set up greeting option tap and then record your message by pressing record. However, keep in mind that the greeting message has a very short time limit, so keep the message extremely short and direct.
Once the message is done, tap on the stop, and your greeting message is saved! In order to try it out, you can call on your number from a different phone and leave it unanswered. If the setting is successful, you will hear the pre-recorded greeting message. After that, you will get an option to drop in a voice note in the mail, or you can directly cut the call.
This is how one can set up voicemail on the iphone and easily take care of all the pending missed calls. This is a lesser-known feature of iPhones, so make sure that you make the most of it.