ECMO (extracorporeal membrane oxygenation) is a sophisticated system that works similarly to heart-lung bypass equipment used in open-heart surgery. The machine facilitates adequate oxygenated blood flow to the veins and arteries through a thin tube called a cannula. 

It helps in adding oxygen and removing carbon dioxide from the blood. The blood is warmed up to body temperature before pumping back into the body.  

When Is ECMO Used?

VA ECMO and VV-ECMO are the two major types of extracorporeal membrane oxygenation therapy. When both the heart and the lungs fail, VA ECMO is utilised. It is connected to both a vein and an artery.

When the issue is only in the lungs, the V V-ECMO is attached to one or more veins, usually near the heart. 

This machine is primarily used for the following tasks:

  • Recovery of heart and lung failure along with cardiac surgery.
  • The central pillar is therapy and examination of other organs like kidneys or brain before undergoing heart or lung surgery.
  • Provision of support throughout high-risk procedures in the cardiac catheterisation lab after a major heart attack.
  • It helps progress to a heart-assistance device such as a left ventricular assist device (LVAD).
  • Keeping the tissues oxygenated makes the patient an ideal candidate for transplant.
  • Severe lung failure because of the Swine Flu.
  • Severe lung failure because of Dengue fever.

How Does ECMO Help in Recovery?

The impure blood is pumped and oxygenated outside the body using ECMO, which allows the heart and lungs to rest. Passing the contaminated blood through an ECMO machine helps in purifying the blood. The blood is then returned to the body via a complicated system of channels.

It is crucial to get the surgery done with an ECMO team that can handle emergencies with lesser complications.

How To Prepare For ECMO?

Before ECMO, an individual will be examined by a doctor. A cranial ultrasound will be checked for bleeding in the brain. A cardiac ultrasound will detect whether the heart is beating. The patient will also receive a chest X-ray every day while on EMCO.

Doctors will prepare the device after concluding the requirement of ECMO. The ECMO will be performed by a dedicated ECMO team, including a board-certified physician with ECMO training and experience.

How To Choose the Best Hospital for ECMO Therapy?

Before searching for the best ECMO in India, it is imperative to establish medical expertise and state-of-the-art infrastructure expectations. Doctors at the hospital must establish a responsive healing environment by responding quickly to patients' needs and providing precisely the attention they require. 

The medical professionals must always be focused, quick, personable, practical, and advanced while still being seamless in delivering the ultimate healthcare standards using the high-standard ECMO therapy equipment.

Specialists with a deeper grasp of their patients with a constant empathetic view of their requirements make the ECMO hospital in India an easy choice. This promotes a culture of offering higher-quality patient-centred treatment. Choose a hospital that delivers on all the above expectations.