Similar to previous years, street basketball is slightly different from indoor basketball. Partly because you play 3-on-3 and NBA 2K22 MT therefore have more space in the court, and partly because all opponents on the street are controlled by people and not controlled by computers. Also, 2K is adamant about giving street basketball more of an arcade-like experience.

The match-up is quite nice and generally you have teams that are pretty evenly and well-matched. Your player rating isn't the most important thing, but more how smart (or stupid) you're playing. It's embarrassing when you're paired together with a player who doesn't defend and likes to shoot three-pointers, however, you're bound to be in that.

Street basketball looks slightly better than the previous year and, most importantly, it feels like you've got a little more control over what your player does. In previous versions, you could be stuck in an animation which had to play before you could move on. It's not the case with 2K22.

A variety of brand new game modes have been added to MyTeam. For example, online you can play the game MyTeam Draft, where you initially must select a number of players that you don't have in your collection. The game is a lot more varied than before.

The 100 is an excellent addition. The goal is to Buy 2K MT not score more than 100 points total against in multiple games. Whoever finishes last (and has the best defense) is the winner. MyTeam is still doing everything it can to persuade users to purchase player packs or player contracts after buying the game. There isn't any improvement to be seen.