Dragon Defender is good (once you FINALLY get it). Also for a great set of gloves, I'd suggest using RFD and getting Dragon/Barrows gloves. Even Mithril gloves are really good. To get them you need to OSRS GP do Recipe for Disaster, and I definitely recommend you do that to the highest you can...

I'm constantly asking the identical question. In my opinion, slayer isn't any where near as effective as it was in the past (just seen what happened with whips). Abby demons are camping at abby for 75-125+ kills only for the 900k-1.5mil drop? Now for a 3mil drop would be a bit different.

I sell items that have high purchase limits (10k-25k). I almost alway flip. I focus on food items that are runes, pots, and foods. I monitor a few items that i know crash frequently and earn money from them too. I'm always switching between expensive weaponry and armours I use in order to keep my money and make more often. Ie sold my bgs before it crashed to 8 mi I also sold my Fury before it crashed, then purchased one for 13 mil , and traded it for 14.5 mil. Purchased claws, loaned to friends for 1 mil and was sold. Since armour and weaponry are often in a perpetual decline, it's beneficial to take actions like this.

I'm unable to flip barrows or any weapon or armour for this matter with ease. Tips? I will buy pretty much everything that people are trying to sell in a hurry and make a profit from it. Like my example. I also made 150k profit off someone who was rushing to sell his whip to make 1 mill recently. Like that.

My time of flipping depends on the trend of the item. If the price is rising then i'll max buy at the current price (how I calculate max and min prices will be discussed below) Then, sell the item at their max when the transaction is completed. Sometimes, I buy/sell them for 1gp over the min/max depending how much profit I can make and the speed at which i can determine to buy RuneScape gold buy/sell.