Although I'm not a fan of more than RuneScape Gold one run at one time, but that's because I can't get through the maze. (This is before when I had some of the levels you describe). I'm sure I could run two or three sessions at a time.

70 defence is beneficial when using the blitz-to-sally technique and is among the most effective methods(if you aren't able to access to turm/chaotics, etc.). Strength and attack speed increase Ahrim, however, it's not required and 70 mage is a minimum, it is recommended to use 82.

And this is my current setup: Sacred Claim Helm and Granite body Dragon Platelegs, Amulet of Glory of Glory, Ring of wealth, Obsidian cape, Dragon longsword, obsidian sheild/Mithril defender. I am in the process of buying 1 mil to improve my armor/wep. Note: I need the exp so that I don't have to change the helmet. I haven't done the freminik quests either. Going to change the black boots to dragon boots once I've earned a few more 100ks. Haven't done monkey madness. I'm working to obtain dragon defender , but...

It was actually true I had 20k-30k of experience two days in str, which is a lot more than my normal... I rarely train for more than an hour on a strech, as i like making friends and having fun , more than the skills. Also, it doesn't suit me, because, as I said in 1st post, i've never done the fremmy challenges, which constitutes a reprieve.

What is the cost of proselyt? I'm not able to continue buying degradable armour, so I'd like a confirmation if it does going to degrade as well. And thanks for sharing your thoughts. It's very cheap and not degradable, the only good thing is that it is the best prayer bonus , but it's a poor defense, i wouldn't reccomend. In training, def doesn't mean crap. Prayer and RS3 Gold Str are more important, so Prosy in preference to Guthans Plate.