A little to the south of Los Angeles, Long Beach is a beach town that offers more than palm-tree-lined streets and views of the ocean. It has a lively urban feel with a beach-town vibe - an unusual combination that makes Long Beach one of the top destinations you can visit when visiting Southern California. If you know where to go, there are plenty of exciting activities to enjoy at Long Beach!

Shoreline Village

On just the Long Beach Waterfront, Shoreline Village is a group of stores and restaurants with bright hues. This village on the boardwalk is family-friendly and has an arcade for children named Pelican Pier Pavilion.

Catalina Express

An excursion towards Southern California wouldn't be complete without a ferry ride to Catalina. An island located about an hour's drive away from Long Beach, Catalina Island is a paradise for the beach. You can go snorkelling or hike, eat on the water, camp, and maybe see the American Bison - there's a herd that roams the island!

Yoga on the Bluff

The outdoor yoga class typically draws 50 to 100 people every day. Be sure to arrive early so that you can find a suitable spot! Aim to find a space near the instructor's location in case you're new to yoga so that you'll be able to follow the instructor.

Long Beach Exchange

If you're searching for an affordable yet elegant dining adventure at a reasonable price in Long Beach, I highly recommend Remix Kitchen. The menu is a mix between Italian, Filipino, and French styles. Additionally, the cocktails menu is a unique mix.

Whale Watching Tours

Southern California is home to numerous whale species, and you'll often see dolphins playing on the shore. There's an alternative to be even nearer to this marine mammal in our oceans. Take a whale-watching tour yacht from Shoreline Marina and sail off to look for whales!

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