Finding Melbourne nightlife tours provides great days out and lots to see and is a great way to get the greatest from your tour to Australia. There are several reasons why it is a great country to trip and many reasons why so several people seek out Melbourne nightlife tours when they head to Victoria. Here we will look at some of what Melbourne has to offer and why you almost requirement a tour in order to get around and see it all in a short amount of time.

Melbourne is the capital of Victoria and also the maximum populous city there (meaning the most densely settled). In fact it is the second most populous city in all of Australia and has a population of incompletely four million in the greater physical region.

The city is situated on a big bay called 'Port Phillip' and the center of the city is at the estuary of the Yarra River. The city then ranges from the center along both the Eastern and Western shores of the bay and enlarges further into the hinterland. By night, the millions of city lights and the reflections cast in the water make for remarkable views making Melbourne by nightlife a great sight that everybody should see at some point or other.

During Melbourne tours you are also likely to study a little about the history of this great city. Founded in 1935 by pioneers from Van Diemen's Land, it was professed a city by Queen Victoria in 1847. It was during the Victorian gold rush in the 1850s that it was then twisted into one of the world's richest cities and one of the largest. It also served as a provisional home for the government of Australia from 1901 to 1927.

The size, wealth and massive population of Melbourne all mean that it has much to suggestion by way of shopping, sights, education, nightlife and food and it is a very vivacious and thrilling city by day or by night. It was rated one of the top three most 'livable' cities by the Economist Group's Intellect Unit, and one of the 10 Global University Cities by RMIT's 'Global University Cities Index'.

There are several sights and charms in Melbourne, many of which you would see on a Melbourne nightlife tour. These include the Chinatown, which like those in several cities is a town within a city that allows you to love great Chinese shopping and food as well as well as a great change of scenery; a wealth of galleries and a great aquarium; markets; St Paul's Cathedral which is a great large Church that makes a perfect photo occasion and is as impressive from inside as out; ANZ Gothic bank which is a great Gothic-revival building for a glance into the imposing past of Melbourne; the bay itself; the Victorian Arts Center; the Old Melbourne Gaol, Windsor Hotel and much more. You can't really rise the city of Melbourne until you've been there however, so to learn more and knowledge it for yourself in full, book yourself in to one of the nightlife tours around the city.

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