The demand for online cheap essay writers has increased considerably since the pandemic struck. Students are now mostly confined to their homes due to mandatory social distancing measures all around the world. This forced confinement, along with the pandemic, made essay writing a tad difficult for students. Some are frustrated, while others aren’t able to focus on their studies due to a sudden change in their learning environments. As online learning has now become the new normal, let’s see how technology can help students write better essays.

Easier research

About 79% of students seek essay help because they find it hard to get hold of relevant research material for their essays. Research is the first step towards writing an essay. You can’t proceed if you aren’t able to conduct thorough research.

The tools that can help you with the research are:

  • ai- This app lets you get all the facets of modern-day research in one place. Researchers can even share their resources on this platform.
  • GanttPRO- This one is for planning and organising the research findings that you have gathered.
  • Scrivener- You can organise your notes with this app while conducting the research. It also lets you break down your research findings into manageable sizes.

Seamless plagiarism checking

The consequences of plagiarism are not unknown. Besides losing your valuable grades, you may also harm your academic reputation forever. All your hard work goes down the drain if your professors find even 1% of plagiarism in your paper.

Here are the plagiarism checkers you can use:

  • Dupli Checker- This free plagiarism checker or paper checker scans your document against millions of web pages and highlights the plagiarized sections in your paper.
  • PlagScan- You can scan all kinds of documents using this tool and check the plagiarism percentage. It returns results within a matter of seconds.
  • Grammarly-The paid version of Grammarly lets you use its plagiarism checker as well. It also shows you the source of the plagiarised passages.

Automatic essay typing

How often have you thought of pay for essay because you didn’t have the time to write the paper? Now, thanks to technology, you needn’t have to worry about it. There are automatic essay typers out there that can help you deliver all essay service within your deadlines.

How do essay typers work?

  • Type your prompt in the space provided on the tool.
  • Let the tool identify the instructional word in your topic and scan relevant research materials.
  • It follows a basic format and types the essay automatically.

Do not hesitate to use this tool if you are facing writers’ block. You can also get some ideas related to your topics while using the automatic essay typers.


Nobody is born with essay writing skills. You learn that with time, effort, and practice. But, certain technologies can help you write impressive essays easily. Read this article to know the secrets of easy and smart Essay writing.

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