Continuing professional development (CPD) is essential for career success. It is also a great way to keep your skills fresh. By engaging in CPD, you can make sure that you will stay on top of current trends and developments in your field. Many professionals become an integral part of a company, making their time at work more productive. The following are three tips to help you keep up with your CPD. Read on to find out more.


Study groups: A flexible way to obtain CPD hours is by joining a study group. These groups meet regularly to discuss CPD policy topics and can include up to four to five lawyers. In order to obtain a CPD certificate, the group must have four or five members and have a facilitator who can lead the meetings. 

Return on investment: The return on investment is an important concept in CPD planning. It is all about what CPD will do for your career. Often, employers will pay for your CPD activities, provide you with study time, or expect you to return that investment with increased responsibility. Continuing professional development can also be triggered by activities outside of work. For example, formal mentoring, active membership in a professional association, and participation in professional networks can all contribute to your CPD.


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