What exactly is a virus? How are viruses made? What are the reasons for making viruses? What are the ways you could become affected by them? Why are these new viruses seeking out industrial secrets? These are only a few of the topics that are frequently talked about, especially when affected by the virus. www.webroot.com/safe

The Virus and its attack

Viruses are malfunctioning programs that can cause harm to your operating system on your computer. It can harm both hardware and software. Both ways, it can make your system slower or might stop functioning. This is the reason why all computer users are anxious about this issue.

Who creates these risky virus programs? It's a huge issue that if they're dangerous for computers, then who will be the victim? There are some corrupt persons working in the computer industry who make use of their knowledge to create and utilize these for personal gain.

If you're a computer user and therefore directly in the path of these malwares and viruses? They typically infiltrate computers through the internet or USB devices.

What are the reasons these new viruses are aimed at industry secrets?

Recently, it was discovered that a brand new virus has been created by someone who wants to target computers operating in various industries. The viruses target industrial computers and cause them to perform function malfunction and any error could happen. This virus is intended to steal industrial secrets. It has been observed that the virus infects the system after an USB is connected. It is not able to affect the system via autorun virus, but it does infect via a different method, namely vulnerability in processing links files.

What does it do?

Two drivers are infected by the virus after it penetrates into the system. These drivers allow you to inject code into the system and hide the malware itself. The malware files that are on the infected USB device are not visible.

One of the most surprising aspects is that this virus has been authenticated by the Realtek digital signature. It's quite unclear who wrote the virus were able to sign their virus using the digital signature of Realtek.

A lot of antivirus software makers are currently working to hack the code and incorporate more security components into their software to prevent this type of malware. We can only hope for the best and best luck to all the antivirus companies. Because we are secured prior to with the antivirus software, they will in the future they can help us keep our systems safe. However, it is essential to make sure you are taking precautions and avoid USB. www.webroot.com/secure