You may have stained teeth due to a variety of reasons beginning from smoking to drinking a lot of tea or coffee. Although stained teeth are not a big health problem, they definitely affect your smile, confidence & even your personality. Discuss your option at the dental clinic near me to get whiter teeth.


Quite possibly the most complex ways are to visit a Cosmetic Dentist and go through expert teeth whitening treatment. The treatment is done in the clinic by a teeth whitening dentist. Additionally, the laser is used to aid the process of whitening. It’s no wonder that the results are quite dramatic. With only a couple of sittings, you will see that your teeth have become as much as 10 shades more white. The  results can be maintained up to as long as 6 months to 1 year provided if  follow a few basic steps including proper brushing of your teeth twice a day and occasional at-home teeth whitening using home usage kits/products


These are the advantages of Professional in-clinic Teeth whitening mentioned above. Such treatment could cost anything between $500-$1000. The other issue is you will have to make appointments and visit your Dentist.


At-home teeth whitening is an alternative. You have lots of options including:


1) At home kits:


Products like 'White Light' teeth whitening are home-use kits that come with a gel which is a teeth bleaching agent,  applicator, and white light torch which you hold in front of the teeth while applying the gel. This fastens the whitening process. But let me tell you straight - this white light does not replicate the laser which your family dentist near me uses in professional treatment. Such kits do work reasonably well.


Cost: They may cost between $50- $100 per kit.


2) Teeth whitening pens:


Teeth whitening pens again work on the principle of peroxide-based solution for bleaching/whitening your teeth. The advantage is that they are quite simple to use and need to be directly applied to the teeth as if you are writing on them.


In any case, at that point dissimilar to different utensils which accompany the plate, you need to guarantee on your own that the application covers all parts of the teeth and in a steady way. Thus it is quite possible that you miss out on hard-to-reach teeth/parts of your teeth. In this way, uniform brightening might be an issue on occasion.


3) Teeth whitening strips:


Teeth-whitening strips are one of the at-home teeth whitening alternatives available in the market. They also function on peroxide solutions for whitening teeth. They are created with very thin plastic and hence hold on very well to the teeth upon applying them.


The advantage they offer over other home teeth whitening products ibls that they come with the gel pre-applied on them by the manufacturer as per the appropriate requirements thus not leaving the same upon user discretion.


Their cost may start from $25 for a set of 20 strips.


4) Hydrogen peroxide teeth whitening:


In the end, you can buy a bottle of Hydrogen peroxide solution directly from the pharmacy shop and use it at home. All you need to do is gargle with the solution. This method is the simplest of all. The results can be seen in six to eight weeks. Also, you need to keep in mind that the strength of the solution is between 2 - 5% and not more than that.


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