The four primary types of care homes for older people are residential care homes, dementia care homes and nursing care homes.

Residential care homes are for older people who require personal care in the form of washing, dressing, taking medication, eating and going to the toilet. Residential homes cater to a wide variety of care needs but do not specialise in advanced dementia care needs. Residential homes usually cater to residents with capacity but whose needs for personal care can no longer be met at home on a personal basis or by a loved one. Residential homes also provide dedicated activities and entertainment on a regular basis.

Dementia care homes are similar to residential homes but provide specialist care for those suffering from dementia.

Nursing homes provide specialist care for those with nursing care needs, ranging from moderate to advanced. Nurses care for the wellbeing of the older person and administer their medication, while care staff attend to their personal care needs, such as cleaning, washing, eating etc.

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