Ayurveda encompasses ancient traditional herbs that have for long been known to cure several ailments and keep you healthy and immune. Several diet kits such as the keto diet planning, paleo diet planning and many more include Ayurveda as a key element in changing the lifestyle. Ayurveda is a kind of holistic medicine that emphasizes maintaining a healthy body and mind. The cosmos is made up of five components, according to them;

 Ayurvedic Concept

  • Vayu-air
  • Jala-water
  • Akash-space
  • Teja-fire
  • Prithvi-earth

Diet Kit Formulation for Ayurveda Centers; Also Formulate Diet Kits For Ayurveda Chain Clinics. Our Ayurvedic Experts Ensure That Your Diet Plan Meets Your Medicine Intake and You’re Preferences. Our Formulation Ensures Prakrti (Qualitative Characteristics of the Food), Karana (Processing), Samyoga (Mixing), Rashi (The Quantity), Desha (Habitat of the Person), Kala (Time & Seasonal Variation), Upayoga Samstha (Variable Digestibility of Various Foods), Upayokta (The Person Who Takes the Food)

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