Human Hair is a major requirement for many business professionals, especially hairdressers, tailors, and cosmetologists. Customers purchase human hair model products directly from the factory or from wholesalers. Demand for the product led wholesalers to import more goods from manufacturers for sale. These factories also accept orders directly from customers around the world. The sales team in the factory keeps in touch with the people who need the work to produce a large number of works. There are many models and types available to meet the needs of customers.



Everything is great

You can choose your own color.

You can straighten it out if necessary.

If you want to curl it as well, you can easily do so.

It consists of 100% curly hair.

It is made of 100% natural human hair.



Why buy online


Manual purchase beauty products may be difficult, because it involves searching for products in different stores and over the counter in front of the queue, although with the advent of the Internet and online shopping, this problem has been solved, because now you can easily browse through the online store and choose the required products, you can also read the comments of the customer to learn more about the product, and make sure that it is the product you want.


J&F Co.


We are a company with operations in 20 countries and started operations in 1997. Our E - Store ( contains a variety of training made from human hair or synthetic hair head, even including them. We provide you with the best quality wigs and doll hair training for makeup artists and cosmetologists to use when ordering online.




We talked about 100% Human Hair, which come in many different colors, including blonde hair, and can be used as training heads for cosmetologists and professional cosmetologists.