Many women who are in the twin baby pregnancy often wonder if they are expecting twins. With the increase of multiple births, it is more likely that one in every ninety women has the chance to give birth to newborn twins. If you are confirmed with the newborn baby twins have been confirmed you are likely to have many questions.


  1. Am I having a twin birth?


A high level of hCG can indicate preeclampsia with twins, hCG levels are what a store-bought pregnancy test is looking for. They say a definite positive result may mean you are expecting multiples. Also, common grumbles of a twin pregnancy are heightened symptoms like morning sickness and fatigue. With that in mind, every woman is different as is every pregnancy and ultimately an ultrasound will give you a conclusive answer. When you gave birth to newborn baby twins you are likely to have much more trouble after the pregnancy.


  1. Does twin pregnancy come in genetics?

Twin baby pregnancy can run in the family but only on the mother's side as it's only the women who can produce two eggs at one time. However, the twin gene can be passed down from father to daughter. Having fraternal twins can also happen randomly especially in women over the age of 35. Identical twins on the other hand happen by chance, it's not fully understood why one egg splits resulting in two beautiful babies. However, newborn baby twins are extremely sensitive as compared to other babies. 


  1. Will I need to have a C-section?


Though the chance of having a cesarean section when pregnant with twins increases due to complications or baby position like feet first, many other mothers have twin birth through natural means. It's also known that in some cases a mother expecting two has had a planned home birth, this however is not generally recommended as a twin pregnancy is classed as high-risk. Mainly twin pregnancy complications happen because of this problem.


  1. How much weight will I gain?


There isn't a straightforward answer for this one, but it is generally suggested that 35 - 45 pounds come with the newborn baby twins is a healthy weight gain during a twin pregnancy. Some will gain more and some a little less it all really depends on your pre-pregnancy weight, body type, and height what is healthy for you specifically.


  1. How will I know if I'm having fraternal or identical twins?


Here are some indicators of twin types, fraternal or identical:


- Twin to twin transfusion syndrome (TTTS) is a complication only identical twins can suffer from.


- Identical twins often share a placenta though sometimes they can have their own. Fraternal twins generally have separate placentas but sometimes can be fused together. On close examination realizing whether they are fraternal or identical can be discovered.


- Monoamniotic twins, means they share the same amniotic sac as well as the placenta and are always identical.


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