3-Steps Italian Transcription Services - All You Need to Know

If you are new to Italian transcription services , this article would be helpful. Whether you are transcribing your first video or you're a professional transcriber, you are going to learn something. So, without wasting any time, lets get on the three-step practical guide on Italian video transcription services:-

#1 Understand the Video- Italian Transcription Services

First things first, gather as much information from the client as possible. Rather just than asking to provide the audio or video copy, seek information regarding what the video is about. Check if it is a brand promotional video that connects with the audience or a video where a discussion is happening between a group of people. You can even request your client to provide the information of the characters in the video. The more information you gather, the lower is the chance of any flaw in transcription. So, it is highly advisable to prepare a questionnaire and send it to your client. Moreover, this act of yours will impress your client as you’re being super-professional. 

Comfort is the key, so set up a comfortable work area before you start listening to the video. Pick the right chair with proper cushioning and have enough space to do your work. Be ready to make tweaks to your space to make it conducive for work.

#2 Listen to the Video - Italian to English Transcription Services

You must listen to the video multiple times in the first place before transcribing it. By doing so you are going to have the feel of the video. It is best to have a notebook and a pen. Make a list of the characters involved in the video, write down the names and the kind of character they are playing in the video. If you have any doubts, you can reach your service provider to clarify. You must break the entire video into small segments, doing the complete in one go would mean big blunders in the transcription.

The video segments must be according to the speakers in the video. Moreover, if you transcribe the video in segments, you'll have the opportunity to go back to the segment where you had the doubt, rather than re-listening to the entire video. By doing so, you'll save time at the time of proofreading the video. Nothing has to be omitted in the video unless your client asks you. If you have doubts regarding unfinished or paused sentences, use ellipsis as a safe choice to end them. Avoid words such as wanna, gonna or kinda.

#3 Transcribe the Video

The last step of Italian to English transcription services is to start writing down the transcription of the video. It is best advised that you maintain a noise free, peaceful work environment to listen to the video and write down the transcription. Every segment of the transcription must be revised multiple times to make sure you're writing the correct information. In case, the speaker is talking about a technology that you’re unable to understand, don’t feel timid to hold a discussion section with your client, as they can explain it better. The whole idea is to cut down on the smallest chance of having an error in the final transcription copy. You should start a new paragraph for every new speaker, and there must be an empty line separating the previous speaker. The fillers have to be omitted unless there is strict verbatim. 


If you are doing business related transcriptions on your own for the purpose of saving money, then you are making a huge mistake. English to Italian transcription services, and vice versa is a job of highly specialized, certified, professionals with extensive industry experience to understand every aspect of the video. They have the expertise and knowledge to ensure the final document is free of errors. You can definitely count on translation service providers such as Scripts Complete to do a fine, accurate, cost-effective and on-time job