Global Platter is an Indian food photography & styling brand based in Delhi but caters clients from all over the world. With a keen attention to detail and understanding of how to convey the sense of taste, aroma, and appeal from the actual meal to a two-dimensional shot, global platter is a brand which has mastered the art with hardcore practice over the past many years.

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We feel overjoyed and immensely proud to say that we have styled and provided breathtaking pictures and videos for our numerous clients and brands worldwide which has not only given them a better edge over others but also boosted their businesses. Our moto behind styling the food is to help the viewer create a connection with the food. We try to focus on the simplest of things like:

highlighting the origin of the dish, creating an overall vibe, color coordination and most importantly the usage of appropriate props. We believe that each dish has its own story to tell and it’s hard to recognize just by merely looking the food.

Especially when it comes to Indian cuisine, it just gets harder. We use food photography props which elevate the shot and make it look more appealing while maintaining an overall balance. As per Indian food styling is concerned, we try mix and match traditional utensils, leaves, fabrics, ceramic crockery and wooden backdrops as per the dish and aesthetic.

Global Platter is one of the Food Stylist and Best food photographer in Delhi and NCR area. She specializes in Food, Product and Commercial Photography. Contect for any query Call - +91 9599908830