If you are pursuing Bachelor’s or Master’s degree, you must keep an eye out for your GPA. Most students usually don’t know how to estimate the GPA, which is why the overall GPA calculator comes in handy.

Some of the most important elements for calculating GPA are mentioned below. You should know about

  • The total number of credits for the courses (Credits Attempted)
  • The corresponding point value of each assigned grades (Equivalent Point Values)
  • The grades earned in all the classes (Final Grades)

Now, your task would be to find the best college GPA calculators online. Mentioned below are some of the websites that students use frequently.

GPA Calculator

If you want to know about your GPA score, you can use this site. The calculator has a simple interface. Here, you have to specify the course name, the grades you achieved, and the corresponding credits. Once, you are done with one course, proceed to the next.

Moreover, you can add classes and semesters. If you are unable to follow, instructions are provided showing you how to figure out your GPA.


MyAssignmenthelp.com is a household name in the academic service provider industry. Here, you can calculate your GPA, generate citations, estimate word count, proofread papers, and much more. You can use this calculator to generate both weighted and unweighted GPA results.

You also have to enter the course name, grades, credit, and weights (for weighted GPA). Furthermore, you can add courses and semesters on the GPA calculator for college.

Scholaro GPA

This website is different compared to other websites. This is because it allows you to convert grades (in other countries) to the USA or Chinese grades. You will also get a guide on the 'Other Conversion Scale', and how the GPA is estimated. Once, you visit the site; you will be asked to type the name of the country.

As you can see, this GPA calculator for university is extremely versatile. You will be asked to type in courses, credits/hours, and grades. If you have more courses to add, just click on the ADD button. 


This site is tailored made for college, university, and high school students. Here, the interface is a bit different, and you will be asked to provide Prior Cumulative GPA, Number of Prior Credits Completed.  Based on your high school GPA, you can check which university you can get into.

It helps you check whether your mathematics grades are deteriorating or not. And if you find they are, you can seek maths coursework help from professional experts. In the high school GPA calculators, you have various options like Regular Weight, AP/Honors/IB, etc.


If you wish to know about the university GPA results, then you can use this website. First, you have to type in the university name. Next, you will be asked to provide the course name, credit hours, and grades. After you provide the required details, you will get GPA results.

There is also a demonstration available in case you are unable to understand what you have to do.

So, if you intend to use GPA calculators, these are some of the websites you should check out. Meanwhile, if you need assistance with other academic essay writing, you can also seek personal statement help, strategic assignment writer help online.