What is medical record review?

A medical record is a piece of evidence containing the accident history, injury data, diagnosis history as well as treatment history. Reviewing and analyzing a medical record is one of the vital processes in a medical-legal environment. 

The process of preparing medical records

  • Medical Records Retrieval
  • Medical Record Analysis and Review
  • Medical Record Summarization
  • Drafting of Special reports or Timelines
  • Creating Navigational Properties
  • Quality Audit of the Medical Record Summary
  • Delivering the Final Products

Top 10 techniques to review medical records

  • Understand medical and legal terminologies
  • Know the components of the medical records and its placements
  • Scrutinize your skillset
  • Validate demographic data
  • Indexing medical records
  • Understand the real events and fact-oriented details
  • In line with the type of output summary
  • Accurate interpretation of medical short hands
  • Proper handling of illegible records
  • Identify any missing medical records


Medical record review for attorneys plays important role in personal injury, mass tort and medical malpractice lawsuits.