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 In 2019 in 2019, the Cleveland Museum of Art launched their Open Access platform. This allows anyone to access images from their collection.

 Public-- but also as many metadata per piece as possible.

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 While exploring the museum's online collection visitors have the option to download the metadata in an .txt file for each image.

 Professional archivists recognize that the more metadata available, the better. Museum metadata is rich in information about the artwork. finaltravel final travel Website 

 publication history, provenance the official caption information and references (reproductions in catalogues and books), and more.

 Artwork Archive was not available to Austin Community College before they joined. "We use Artwork Archive since the beginning.

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 Metadata is used to determine where our permanent collection pieces are located, and how long they have been in the collection for. This is due to the metadata we used to identify our collection's permanent pieces was not precise.

 TJ Hilton, Austin Community College's Exhibitions Coordinator, says that we haven't had an external management tool for this issue until now. Spreadsheets work well.

 If data is embedded into the image it is more likely to be overlooked or omitted," he says.

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 Make an outline of the data you would like to include in your photos before beginning the process of adding metadata.