Do do as much research as possible regarding the artist or seller

 The appearance of a person can be misleading -- especially in the world of art. whatloan what loan Website

Recently, there were numerous high-profile instances of art theft where a seemingly trustworthy dealer is involved.

 Collectors of conned art make millions, if not thousands of dollars.

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 The risk of purchasing artwork from a reputable gallery or auction house may be mitigated to some extent, but even well-respected galleries can be taken advantage of by unscrupulous individuals.

 Certain professional associations such as the Art Dealers Association of America insist that you comply with certain ethical standards in order for them to function.

 membership, galleries or dealers belonging to those organizations will often be an extremely safe option.

 Be sure to do your do your research and watch out for warning signs.

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 artwork in question.


 Collectors: What to Do If Your Artwork Is Damaged

 After waiting patiently on that waitlist, you finally negotiated an amount and concluded the deal. It's over.

 What happens when the art work arrives at your door with an open gap?

 The purchase of artworks from galleries is just the halfway point. It is the journey from the artist's studio to the place where the work was, or the art fair or gallery.

 The piece is ready to be installed, displayed, and bought. The item will be delivered to you the buyer, regardless of who the shippers are.

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 Every art shipment involves the risk of the fate of the artist and his circumstances.