Setting SMART Goals for Your Art Business skincarezine skin care zine Website social-contest 

 Being an artist means that you can get excited about a thousand diverse projects and ideas. It's not difficult to stay focused or get distracted.

 There are many routes to follow and you might not realize that you've deviated from your initial. social contest Website thatshortguy that short guy 

 Think about the reasons you decided to become a full-time artist if you aren't already. Did it enable you to be flexible, autonomous, or express your creativity? If not, you'll never make it.

 If you haven't made the leap yet, be clear about why you want to pursue this career.

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 Your personal goals must be backed by your art, projects, galleries, or business decisions.

 Before you define your goals, it is essential to determine what success means to you.

 These are the things that you can't compromise on. 

These are the areas that will serve as the mainstay of your business and the goals you set for yourself. There's a reason you don't want to be in this industry.

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 Are you ready to quit the 9-5 grind? You found something different when you became an artist. Is it for you? Travel? Fulfillment? Fulfillment?

 the ability to enjoy a long cup of coffee in the morning? What's your life as you reach your business goals in art.