I actually got my fire cape this morning I'll provide you with a few tips. Starting with equipment and the inv 100 diamond (e) bolts for RS gold Jad. 1 ranging potion, only take 2 doses prior to jad, or all 4 during jad. 10 brews. fifteen super-restores. 1 Enchanted Excalibur.

Bring 1k broads. You'll be using 500-700. Switch the helm to either the neitiznot or the veracs. Legs to prossy, or verac. Boots can be rune or dragon. Now as far as strategy goes, getting the 180's on either the 360's or 45's is one of the top priorities.

The other one is destroying the 90's. 360's and 45's are supposed to be last. Do your best to stop the 22's as soon as possible since they are draining prayer. The most difficult waves are 53-60 and that's the time when the 360/180/90 trio is out. It is important to discover the 90 and then go behind it, kill it and then run around the 360 or either catch the dragon or the ice rock and trap the 180 while killing the 360.

Once you get to jad level, brew/sup the complete stats and the ranging pot and switch on the range prayer. If he hits you it is your first task to figure out what attack you're facing next. You should you should only brew/sup/range in between prayer switches. If it's the healers, it is recommended that you are praying eagle eyes/steel skins and then either kill them or tank them one at a time. The latter is easier when it comes to time but potentially more dangerous. Good luck.

If you want to improve your stats, I'd suggest 85 Attack and Strength and 80 Defense. You can choose to use less stats, but it's not efficient getting slow kills/not enough kills per trip. It would be nice to get Eadgars Ruse done, simply because it's a quicker method to reach GWD. I'd also recommend getting the required Summoning level to at least have a War Tortoise for storage of items.

I tried to make the armour in order to not be too costly, for instance a Divine Spirit Shield would be the best shield to use but not everybody can afford that. I hope this was helpful, if you'd like an inventory, inquire. Usually it's not too hard to come up with a solution.

Which barrows should I buy torags or guthans? Both are affordable for me. Additionally, since I'm planning on the barrows set, should i put aside my plans for a fighter torso? Also , what osrs infernal cape do I do using my dragon's platelegs, and rune platebody?