The Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre in Pune in collaboration with the Drug Rehabilitation Centre in Pune states that a lot of people have the privilege of sharing their problems with their best friend, sister, spouse or a very close person. While I don't find any fault in it, keeping this as a pattern and always brooding over your problems to our loved ones might spoil the relationship you have with them.

The Drug Rehabilitation Centre in Pune mentions that our loved ones can only take up a considerable amount of your problems and sometimes they might be fighting with their own set of problems. A loved one often gets angry, upset and disappointed when they know we have been going through a rough phase. That is only because they love us a little too much.

Also, they can only advise us based on what they know because they don't know how they would react if they were really in our situation.

While a psychologist doesn't advise but guides you to face your problems on your own and enables you to become a better version of yourself. A psychologist also paves way to development of a better individual thereby creating a better society.

If spending for a psychologist seems too much and as a waste of money, then so does impulsive shopping and binge eating we do to cope with our emotional turn-offs.

Benefits of taking therapy:

1) Understanding about yourself and developing abundance of self-acceptance and self-love

2) Understanding why we follow a certain pattern of thought process, behaviour and enabling to change them.

3) Becoming the best version of ourselves that we can be.

4) Becoming more productive and developing an interest in what we like.

In most cases, first of all, identify what is your area of interest. It is deeply sad that most people pass off their lives without even exploring what their area of interest is.

5) Developing more positive and healthy relationships with others.

6) Accommodating and learning to cope with the environment and knowing to set healthy boundaries

7) Most important of all loving and accepting others for what they are and becoming an individual of positive vibes