Winstore #1 is providing the all brands on mobile on installment in all over the Pakistan. The mobile industry kept on changing ever since the very first mobile came into being. The major players of the mobile industry always had a positive attitude towards changes and new tendencies. These industry players created many possibilities for the growth of the market and they are well aware that the industry is moving in a completely new direction. Installment plan for mobile phones is one of the new business strategies for mobile retailers to offer mobile on installments online.

Winstore #1 Mobile on Installment

The mobile industry is facing cut-throat competition and people are finding new ways of promoting their business. Online mobile business is already doing well in Pakistan; Winstore has come across very interesting and unique promotional tactics of selling mobile phone on installment , which will allow customers to get cell phones with installments  

Winstore thinks that this sale strategy will work and will easily convince potential customers.

This trend is not new for the world, but Winstore took an initiative and made a move by offering an installment plan for mobiles phones in Pakistan. Winstore has been developing a trend where customers can easily get a cellphone of their choice with a minimal payment.

Procedure of Installment Plan:

Once the order is received, following are the steps we have to follow for installment cases.

  • If customer wants to purchase a product on installment, He / she must be a permanent resident of Lahore and Islamabad/Rawalpindi. In case Customer is living temporarily his guarantors must be permanent residences of Lahore.
  • All products of 10000 PKR or more on our website can be purchase on Installment Plans.
  • The installment plan is of 03 months, 06 months and 12 months.
  • The markup value for Bikes in 03 months plan is 10 %, 21 % for 06 months, and 42% for 12 months installments plan.
  • The markup value for Mobiles/Other Electronics and Products in 03 months plan is 10 %, 21 % for 06 months, and 29% for 12 months installments plan.
  • Once customer provides the details of Product, he / she wants to buy and is agree on price and installment amount guided by CSR the case will be forwarded to verification team.
  • Customer Verification Team will contact the customer and will ask for the details and will visit the customer.
  • Verification team will verify the case thoroughly, and will make sure the customers is providing the right information.
  • Customer must be a bank account holder
  • Customer have to give his Name, Phone Number, Address, Business type, salary bracket.
  • Customer have to provide Name, Phone Number, Address, Business type, salary bracket of his guarantors.
  • 2 Guarantors required from customer (Permanent shopkeeper in area is preferred).
  • Customer have to provide copies of utility bills.
  • Verification team will visit the workplace of customer and will visit his guarantors as well.
  • Once the Verification is done, in case if there is any doubt cross verification team will cross verify the case.
  • Once case is approved by management, customer will have to give the guarantee cheque of total amount including Markup.
  • Customer will pay process fee ( 500 Stamp + 300 Processing Fee) after product confirmation.
  • Agreement and form must be duly signed by the Customer,
  • Customer need to visit the office in person once the case is approved by the management,
  • Note: For Cash on Delivery orders: Name, Contact Number and Shipping address is must

Winstore Pk: Requirements for Mobile on Installment

  1. Bank Account Mandatory / Bank Statement (Last 6 months)
  2. Installment Agreement on Stamp Paper (50 Rs)
  3. 2 Guarantor Required (1 Colleague & 1 Shopkeeper is preferred From the Same area)
  4. 10% Advance Payment for Mobiles and Electronics in all three plans. 25% Advance Payment for Bikes in all three plans.
  5. Guarantee Cheque of Remaining Balance
  6. Utility Bill's Copy To Process Your Order on Installments, Share the following details.
  • Name
  • Father name
  • Number CNIC
  •  Address Job Designation/ Business Salary/Income
  •  Guarantor 1 name
  • Guarantor 1 Address
  • Guarantor 1 Number Guarantor 2 name
  •  Guarantor 2 Address
  • Guarantor 2 Number
  • Product Name
  • 1- Blank Cheque as a Security